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Good Resume writing : the do's and don'ts checklist

creating video resume : a beginner's guide

resume writing guide for fresh graduates

overused buzzwords to remove from your resume

How to Nail a Job Interview? Ask these 4 Questions

The Single Interview Mistake that Costs You a Job

How to Prepare For a Phone or Video Interview?

Transferable Skills That Will Help You Get Hired

Cover Letter 101: Writing Tips for Fresh Graduates

Digital Learning: 20 Online Classes Under 2 Hours to Increase Your Value

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Malaysia Salary Guide 2023

Get our definitive salary guide for hiring talents in the top 9 job categories in Malaysia.

Everyone is hiring right now, so with updated insights and salary ranges, be even more prepared to advance your career in 2023!

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Jobstore Resources - Malaysia Salary Guide 2023 ebook
Post COVID-19 Hiring Survey

This report provides insight into the effect of hiring in Malaysia due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The report also highlights employer's hiring plans after the MCO, outlook on employee’s intentions to change their current job after the MCO, most in-demand jobs after the MCO and most active industries currently hiring.

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Jobstore Resources - Post COVID-19 Hiring Survey ebook
Salary Report 2018/2019

This report provides insight into the hiring and salary trends in Malaysia. Compiled from the analysis of job placements corresponding to the 22 job categories presented in Jobstore.com together with additional data collected from our 20 partner job sites, other recruitment trends, researches and industry reports, the report also highlights in-demand job categories and economic outlook.

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Jobstore Resources - Salary Report 2018/2019 ebook
Salary Survey Report Post-GE14 Election

This survey report provides insight into hiring and salary trends in Malaysia Post-General Election 14 (GE14). Jobstore piled this salary report based on the survey of the 1.2 million job seekers presented on JOBSTORE.COM as well as HR Managers, recruiters and company owners.

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Jobstore Resources - Salary Survey Report Post-GE14 Election ebook
Job Seeker Handbook

This handbook explores all the steps required in landing the job of your dreams! We have compiled all the information you need; to get your head in the game and ace it with our tips on doing the Dos and avoiding the Don'ts. Learn the difference between the documents you are required to submit and negotiate your way to success!

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Jobstore Resources - Jobseeker Handbook ebook
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