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IT Support Executive (IT技术支持专员)

Malaysia - Selangor - Petaling Jaya

Bodhi Meditation Malaysia Berhad was established in December 2014. We organizes health & fitness classes to serve the needs of health conscious customers.Our company has dedicated employees working together towards a common goal of achieving excellence.We are a company focused on talent development to help build our expanding business.We welcome energetic and enthusiastic people to join our team to bring happiness to the world.  

  • Provide professional IT service for the company.
  • Network administration and maintenance for Windows server.
  • System service support for laptops, desktops, servers, printers, scanners, fax, projector, network intra, UPS, etc.
  • Set up and support network equipment like modems, routers, firewalls, switches, NAS, servers, etc.
  • Assist in incident/ problem management, troubleshoot end-to-end at hosts, database, and network level.
  • Installing, configuring, troubleshooting operating system, drivers, software applications, network, existing web based application, mysql, etc.
  • Diploma and higher in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Able to work independently.
  • Have basic foundation for PC/ server/ network.
  • 2 to 3 years of experience in network and web server support, including experience in troubleshooting or maintenance of Microsoft Windows 7/8/10/Server 2008, Microsoft Office, IIS for PHP, MySQL will be an added advantage. 
  • Willing to travel.
  • Must be able to speak and read Chinese, English and Bahasa Malaysia.

  • 为公司提供专业的IT服务。
  • 管理网络及维护Windows服务器。
  • 负责为公司笔记本电脑、台式机、服务器、打印机、扫描仪、传真机、投影仪、内网、UPS等提供系统服务及技术支持。
  • 设置并维护网络设备如调制解调器、路由器、防火墙、交换机、NAS、服务器等。
  • 协助解决故障,进行管理维护,为主机、数据库和网络提供终端到终端的故障排除服务。
  • 安装、配置并排除操作系统、驱动程序、应用软件、网络、现有Web应用程序、MySQL等出现的故障。
  • 拥有计算机科学专业毕业文凭及高等文凭或同等学历。
  • 具备独立完成工作的能力。
  • 具有电脑、服务器、网络相关基础知识。
  • 拥有1至3年网络及服务器技术支持相关工作经验。拥有故障排除或专业维修Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 / Server 2008,Microsoft Office, PHP IIS,MySQL经验者优先。
  • 愿意出差。
  • 具备良好的华文、英文和马来文水平,有良好的口语沟通及读写能力。

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