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Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Affirm Plus Properties Sdn Bhd - PRO TEAM
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  • 高佣金与福利
  • 14 天PROJECT佣金 100% 支付。不用等到颈长长
  • 100% 佣金分配。您拿完。
  • AAA 幸运抽奖 (最少RM3K奖品)
  • 每月TOP SALES 宴会享受美食
  • 每月都有办活动与同事们一起玩乐
  • 每星期一,三,四都有训练课程,让您掌握最新资讯。
  • 每星期四举办知识分享会。免费开放给大众哦,不卖产品,不做招聘,只求爱书之友
  • 每月新人招聘与SWAP新人训练班。让您更快的开单。
  • 每星期三出粮。不用等到月低。
  • 每一季和队友们比赛,让销售多姿多彩。
  • 额外课程包括风水,养身,个人心智发展等等。
  • 免费SANTORINI 圣托里尼海外旅游奖 (只要100K SALES)
  • 免费韩国海外旅游奖
  • 只需增员10人就能免费到曼谷旅游
  • 一年里达成目标免费帮您付您梦想豪华轿车的头期。


  • High Commision & A lot of benefits.
  • 14 days FULL Commission Payment. Don't need to wait unitl neck long long.
  • 100% Commission Portion. You Can Take All
  • AAA LUCKY DRAW. (min RM3K Prizes)
  • Monthly TOP SALES Dinner With CEO.
  • Monthly Ativities together with colleague. WORK HARD PLAY HARD
  • Every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday Training so that you able to get the latest information.
  • Every Thursday Night We Have BOOK SHARING Session. OPEN For Public, No Selling, No Recruitment, Only Look For Book Lover.
  • MOTHLY WE Got Newbie Recruitment Activities POP & SWAP Newbie Trainning Class so that you able to close case in first month.
  • Every Wednesday Commission Payout. Don't need to wait unitl end of the month.
  • Every Quarter We Have Competation Between members so that your life FULL OF EXCITEMENT.
  • Not Limited to Property Training. We also invite outside speaker training on Feng shui, Spirtual, Mindset, Relationship & etc.
  • You Only need to recruit 10 people and you can win a BANGKOK Trip for yourself.
  • You Only Need A Year to achieve your target and we'll help you pay the downpayment on you DREAM CAR.
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lump...
· 10 months ago
· Fresh/Entry Level level
· in the Property / Real Estate industry
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Frequently Asked Questions

If I am not a Malaysian citizen, can I apply for Malaysia jobs?

If you don't have a Malaysian citizenship, but are living in Malaysia or if you are planning to move to Malaysia and are looking for jobs that can sponsor you, it is up to each individual employer on how it handles international candidates. We encourage you to read our blog post to help provide more information: 7 Easy Steps to Find Jobs in Malaysia As A Foreigner.

Why I have not received any response from the company after I applied?

Have you tried following up? If you did not follow up with an email or phone call, how do you determine if the company received your job application? Enquire where they are in the review process and and then ask if they received your submission. While it would be great to receive a response from the company, sometimes it doesn’t happen. Take the initiative to follow to ensure your application has been received.

How long does it take to complete the application?

The period of the application process will vary, depending on the type of job you are applying for and your previous employment experience.

What position levels are available for applying?

There are 6 position levels and each level can be associated with a salary range and different types of job titles. Jobs levels can be categorised into: non-executive, fresh/entry level, junior executive, senior executive, manager and senior manager.

How many types of jobs are there?

Within Jobstore, there are hundreds of variations of jobs. Read through the job descriptions to find out about the typical responsibilities and employers for each job, so you can see what’s involved and who might employ you.