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  • Manage a portfolio of accounts to achieve long-term success.
  • Develop positive relationships with clients.
  • Act as the point of contact and handle customers' individual needs.
  • Generate new business using existing and potential customer networks.
  • Resolve conflicts and provide solutions to customers in a timely manner.
  • Supervise account representatives to ensure sales increase.
  • Report on the status of accounts and transactions.
  • Set and track sales account targets, aligned with company objectives.
  • Monitor sales metrics (e.g. quarterly sales results and annual forecasts).
  • Suggest actions to improve sales performance and identify opportunities for growth.


  • Proven work experience as a ┬áSales Account Executive/Manager
  • Hands on experience in sales and an ability to deliver excellent customer experience.
  • Knowledge of CRM software and MS Office (MS Excel in particular).
  • Familiarity of sales performance metrics.
  • Good communication and negotiation skills.
  • An ability deal with clients and answer inquiries on time.
  • Business acumen with a problem-solving attitude.
  • Possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Marketing or relevant field.
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Company Overview

We, Emivezt Advisory have a Talent Search Program to nurture an individual to be a Manager in 2 to 3 years time. We are prepared to invest time & resources to develop you to be part of a high performing team, towards our winning culture for success. A career path with a ready structure and system to enhance your soft skill, hard skill & etc. You will have a personal development plan that enables you achieve your life goal and become the best that you can be. You are supported and given every opportunity to be a winning performer. You will be placed based on your skills, knowledge and experience. We believe winner always look for great opportunity!



Let me talk to you about starting a business with us, We are in successful business model in 3 years to earn 1.24 million income.  These 36 months we are divided into 3 phases.  The first stage is called foundation, which is to learn how to run this business for 6 months. The second stage is 18 months are the establishment period,-what to build-you able to build a team, entrepreneurial attitude, skills, knowledge  and habit.

when you already have the 24-months foundation, you will be promoted to manager in the 25th month, and you also have your own team, and you will have a successful team by then

In month of 36th, you will see you have already created a successful business model. Our entrepreneurial model, other than it’s FinacialSkim, it’s structure and system are ready, allowing you to continue to duplicate,

because your successful model that cooperates with the company ready structure, system and you will be getting funds support.

You can start to open branch. If you open a first branch, you will be rewarded a bonus of 1 million from the company.  You can continue to open these kind of branch, you can open 10, 20, 30 will not be restricted. When you opened all these branches, every year company will give you 2% passive income,  How long can this be taken?  You can take it forever, or even pass it on to your next generation.

Let's talk about how much the company has invested in our entrepreneurial process?

2nd phase, In between 30 months company will provide you with RM5000 per month for entrepreneurial support. So in total, the company provides a startup of RM150,000  enterpreneurial Support.

In the 3rd stage, your business was successfully shape. Your organization already has 1,000,000 business volume. The company will give you a reward of RM 25,000. Plus your business is from this system, the company will give more (9 %) RM 90,000 bonus and for your 1,000,000 business Company reward aew RM 131,200.

In the third phase, RM 246,200.

Total 2nd & 3rd phase, the total amount is RM 396,200.

1st phase, When we start a business.  We need living income Support, company divided this into three stages, each stage is 6 months.

The first stage is RM 9000 per month x 6 months = 54000

The second stage is RM 7000 per month x 6 months = 42,000

The third stage is RM 5,000 per month x 6 months = 30,000

Your cost of living, company supports you for 126,000.

In the past 3 years, you have good personal performance, company will give you a total of RM720,000 in return.

In these 3 years, you got to paid up to RM 1,242,200 (1.24 mil) If your personal business 10 yrs in our company, one of year has achieved three times the performance, our company will give an additional bonus of 1,000,000.

In this 3-year entrepreneurial model, you can get 1.24 million,

and another 10 years you will Get 2 million reward.

We guarantee your income! Thus, why wait? Join us today for a promising future!

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