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Bridge Engineer 桥梁工程师

Kuala Lumpur

Job Responsibilities:

  • Technical management of bridge construction site, review the number of projects, strict control of project quality, construction log.
  • Responsible for arranging and supervising the construction team to carry out the specific construction work according to plan, strictly implementing the construction organization plan and coordinating the relationship between the project department and the construction team;
  • Familiar with the design documents, construction contracts, construction specifications, to participate in on-site survey check, proposed changes to design proposals and is responsible for the collection of basic information;
  • Guide and urge technicians to complete the original records of various projects and quality inspection data;
  • The construction team for technical explanation, responsible for the construction team site receipt and sign to confirm;
  • Responsible for the development of various divisions, sub-project implementation of the construction program;
  • Responsible for cooperating to do a good job of surveying and setting out work of all sub-projects;
  • Assist the engineering department to write the change plan and report to the audit
  • Cooperate with safety management personnel to carry out engineering safety management; find quality and safety hidden dangers should promptly correct and promptly report to their superiors;
  • Responsible for the timely collection of raw materials and construction of the visa for the measurement engineers to provide the necessary measurement of raw materials; and participate in the process of the number of projects such as work review review
  • Participate in project acceptance, completion information, final accounts and construction team settlement, final accounts;
  • Cooperate with safety management personnel to carry out construction safety management and rectify safety issues;
  • Strictly abide by the company's various systems, to accept the company performance appraisal, to complete the project part of the solution of the objectives and tasks;
  • Organization within the scope of responsibility for each sub-item inspection project inspection work.
  • Complete other tasks arranged by the leadership.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in Bridge Engineering or related field, with over 3 years experience in technical management of bridge engineering site.
  • Can better use English and Chinese exchange.
  • Be proficient with AUTO CAD drawing software.
  • Will be applied level, total station copying and leveling out job.
  • Familiar with Malaysia and UK related building code standards.


  • 对桥梁施工现场进行技术管理,复核工程数量,严格控制工程质量,做好施工日志。
  • 负责安排和监督施工队伍按计划进行具体施工工作,严格执行施工组织计划,并协调项目部与施工队之间的关系;
  • 熟悉设计文件、施工合同、施工规范,参加现场调查核对,提出变更设计建议并负责基础资料的收集;
  • 指导和督促技术员完成各种工程原始记录和质检资料;
  • 对施工队进行技术交底,负责施工队现场收方并签字确认;
  • 负责制定各分部、分项工程实施性施工方案;
  • 负责配合做好各分项工程施工测量放样工作;
  • 协助工程部编写变更方案并上报审核;
  • 配合安全管理人员进行工程安全管理;发现质量、安全隐患应及时纠正并及时向上级汇报;
  • 负责及时收集施工原始资料并进行签证,为计量工程师提供计量必须的原始资料;并参与过程中工程数量等工作审查复核
  • 参与工程验收、竣工资料、竣工决算以及施工队伍的结算、决算工作;
  • 配合安全管理人员进行施工安全管理并对安全问题进行整改;
  • 严格遵守公司的各项制度,接受公司绩效考核,完成项目部分解落实的目标任务;
  • 组织责任范围内各分部分项检验批工程报检工作。
  • 完成领导安排的其他工作。


  • 桥梁工程或相关专业毕业,有3年以上桥梁工程现场技术管理经验。
  • 能较好应用英语和华语交流。
  • 能熟练应用AUTO CAD制图软件。
  • 会应用水准仪、全站仪抄平及放样工作。
  • 熟悉马来西亚及英国相关建筑规范标准。
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