Jobstore Salary Report 2018/2019
This report provides insight into the hiring and salary trends in Malaysia.

Compiled from the analysis of job placements corresponding to the 22 job categories presented in, it is intended as a reference for hiring managers as well as candidates. With additional data collected from our 20 partner job sites, other recruitment trends, researches, and industry reports, the report also highlights in-demand job categories, employment and economic outlook.
The recent change in the local government has significantly impacted both the business and employment outlook in Malaysia. The workforce is also experiencing an upward shift, with more emphasis on more complex and specialised roles. As digitalisation accelerates across all sectors in Malaysia, the overall salary rate in most industries is expected to experience similar growth as it has from 2010 up till 2019.
This report includes:
Top 3 Stand-out Trends in the Global Job Landscape
Outlook on Fresh Graduate Salary for 2019
In-Demand Job Categories & Economic Outlook of 2019
Top 3 Talent Enhancement Strategies
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