The Starting Salary For Fresh Grads Is Now RM2,600 In Malaysia!
The starting salary for fresh grads has always been a big concern for Malaysians, and while most would say we have a standard starting salary of RM2,500, now it’s more than that!

Based on the salary data that was compiled from the database “Jobstore Salary Report 2018/19,” the starting salary for fresh grads has increased by 6% from the average RM2,482 in 2018 to RM2,635 in 2019!

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) has issued their report in the past, with BNM’s report at RM1,376 for diploma graduates and RM2,169 for degree graduates, and MEF’s report of RM1661 for diploma graduate and RM2618 for degree graduates!

Seems like the average fresh grad salary changes very often but employers should definitely pay the graduates based on the latest starting salary amount!

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