Attention Fresh Grads!
The Starting Salary in Malaysia is Now RM2,600, Not RM2,500!
When asked what’s the starting salary in Malaysia, almost every one of us would say: RM2,500.

“However, according to Jobstore’s survey, it was noted that the salary for fresh graduates now averages at RM2,635! Which is an increase from 2018’s RM2,482.”, an Online Job Distribution Platform, has launched its latest “Jobstore Salary Report 2018/2019” which indicates that salary for fresh graduates has gradually climbed by 6 per cent.

The company obtained this figure by compiling data from salaries in their database. Based on this statistic, Jobstore urges employers to pay fresh graduates their desired figure or benefit to retain talents.

Not long ago, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) released their annual report which indicated that fresh graduates’ salary actually average at RM2,169. That’s wayyy below RM2,500! And this is a graduate with an Honours’ degree!

However, not long after, Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) issued a press release to counter that figure saying that actually, the starting pay of graduates is actually at an average of RM2,618.

Besides conducting a study on fresh graduates’ salary, Jobstore stated the top 10 most in-demand job categories of 2018-2019. These figures include the minimum to maximum starting salary.

So guys, make sure you demand for the right starting salary. Later RM2,500 cannot buy you anything wey!