15th Floor, Hotel Royal (Office Tower), No.3 Jalan Larut, 10050 Georgetown Malaysia
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Neirolis Sdn Bhd is Malaysian company founded in 2018 by international team of deep machine learning scientists, machine vision engineers and excellent software developers. Our team has saturate background of artificial intelligence system development, industrial 4.0 solutions, biometric identification and media analysis solutions for public security applications, corporate safety, media agencies, retail and marketing. We like to invent algorithms, which work in unconstrained real-life scenarios. Neirolis' company vision is to provide the mass market with real time anaylsed information as well as notifications, may it be to make well informed decisions or even preventive measures in security and safety. Our team of experienced developers originated from the industrial sector focusing on development of industrial 4.0 particularly in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Analysis (IA), having a vision to bring the technology to the mass market to improve and enable various possibilities. Neirolis has developed our key Product Real Time Identification Platform (RTMIP) and offers state of the art technologies focusing in Facial, Object, Text & Speech recognition algorithms second to none while integrating with flexible platforms for IA as well as AI configuration which utilizes an in depth neural network structures. We strive to enable possibilities for future applications where technology enhances and supports us to have a safer, well informed and automated environment.

Neirolis Sdn Bhd
Number of Employees
26-50 employees
Company Industry
Computer / IT (Software)
See Neirolis Sdn Bhd's LinkedIn Page
See Neirolis Sdn Bhd's LinkedIn page