Company Overview

We are the manufacturer & specializing in supplying a wide range of Protective Films and tapes for industrial applications. Our core products are “PE Surface Protective Films”, “PVC Surface Protective Films”, production floor environment control “Sticky Mats”

CVT Material offers various types of product specifications, materials base properties, various types of adhesive and different dimension packaging to meet the industrial requirement.

The protective film is a layer or multi-layers of the thin but strong and very flexible formulated insulator, it capable to protect the surfaces of “in the process” material and also widely use to protect the surface of finishing products.

The protection film has many advantages such as; remarkably thin & lightweight, very flexible to form & matching the shape of different surfaces (flat, round, curve, contour &, etc) easy to apply, clean and removable with no residual.

If you are looking for the simplest protection layer to prevent your product from unnecessary handling scratches, stress, dust, dirt, paint, liquid & chemical splash, contamination &, etc You are in the right place, our product range is covering all kind of material surface protection.

If you have any question please do not feel hesitate to contact us. We are confident of meeting the needs of today’s industries with reliable & competitive cost.

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Company Summary
CVT Material Sdn Bhd
Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia
Selangor, Malaysia
Company Industry
Manufacturing / Production