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In 2016, TechApp International Berhad was incorporated. Its principal activity is the mortgage management consultancy mainly focusing residential and commercial mortgage managing and providing solutions services for various property owners in Malaysia.

TechApp International Berhad as a full scale mortgage facilitator company with seasoned and talented team of mortgage management consultants for since 2001 in the finance sectors; where we can provide our clients the “Know-How” financial solution Formula, from analyze, monitor and solution, to meet every changes demands.

With years of development and improvement in mortgage management, we are proud to debut our latest innovative product, “iMortgage” mobile application tool to ease our clients to monitor and manage their own property mortgage. With this integrated mobile solution, we can offer a portfolio of client-focused solutions and unmatched in mortgage management service quality.


To be the leading Financial Solutions Partner in Mortgage Solutions and Management Business locally and internationally.


To build long term relationships with our clients by providing exceptional mortgage solutions & management services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced financial technology.


1) INTEGRITY is our major value in all aspects of our business functioning. 
2) EFFECIENCY is our nature behavior and believe that “Customers always come first”. 


1) Develop and build good reputation and relationship in real estate, property management and financial sectors by creating mutual supports and solutions among one another.

2) Provide profitability mortgage solutions for the property owners and assists them to flee from financial and mortgage crisis with the latest integration with our financial technology application.

Expanse the assets and investments of the company to support the development of fin-tech services with incorporation of different parties of sectors and industries professional

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