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After years of painstakingly hand-crafting letterboxes and signs, Dato’ P E Tan consolidated his passion and creativity into forming Artworld Advertising Sdn Bhd in 1979. For 30 years, Dato’ P E Tan built Artworld into one of the country’s most sought-after showroom sign makers, creating beautiful fascia, tower signs, flat wall signs, and billboard signs for local and international brands. In 1993, Artworld was awarded several prominent Malaysia-wide campaigns such as the “Carpool Project” and “Bersih Dan Indah”. Seeing the opportunity for expansion, Setia Media Sdn Bhd was formed in 2004 with the intention of constructing and leasing unipoles, twinpoles, billboards, freestanding and directional signs, pedestrian bridge signage and gantries. Armed with an investment of just 15 premium locations, Setia Media ventured into outdoor advertising, and hasn’t looked back since. Today, we have extended our scope into LED advertising, established a firm foothold across Malaysia, and are now building a presence in China.

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