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OUR PHILOSOPHY We Believe in Goodness We believe that the sum of our actions will eventually create a better world to live in. OUR MISSION Healthy Environment, Happy People Together as a team, our journey of unearthing new possibilities, new solutions and new beginnings will continue for generations to come. We simply believe that a better world is possible when actions – of any sizes – are taken.

OUR VISION The Life Care Company At Coway, we strive to make the world a better place, a cleaner place and a safer place. Our future generations deserve the best in everything – clean water, fresh air and a pristine environment. This is our vision. Our dream. Our pledge.

OUR HISTORY Established in 1989, Coway has been dedicated to researching and developing environmental solutions, particularly in personal health and wellbeing.

With the world’s best specialists and scientists working hand-in-hand, we strongly believe that we can achieve our mission and make our vision a reality.

"Being a market leader in both Korea & Malaysia, we strive to expand our knowledge and diversify our expertise globally, with the aim to make the world a cleaner and purer place to live in."

Our unique competitive advantage is that we complement our high-tech products with an innovative and modern design. In today’s world, the design of a product plays a major role in decision-making, thus prompted us to take that extra effort to deliver not just practical, but innovative design touches.

Through the years, we have progressively improved our Research & Development process with new findings and consumer behaviours. Simply said, this is our bread & butter, the fuel to keep us moving forward and dare we say, we will never settle.

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