Company Overview

全息诊所 (强益堂诊所) 

Qiang Yi Tang (QYT) Group started with the mission to “Make People Healthy”. However the recent
years, the mission has evolved to a different and greater level. Mr. Huang Zhi Qiang, the Founder of
QYT Group has a huge vision for QYT Group as well as the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) industry in Malaysia. He would like to transform the TCM industry in Malaysia and beyond and propel the industry to move in tandem with the modern age of technology.

TCM Remedies Sdn Bhd is the TCM service offered by QYT Group.  It is a place where ancient remedies meet modern science, we offer services ranging from preventative services to therapeutic treatments such as Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Aesthetics to clinically address those with acute and chronic illnesses.

TCM is making the extra mile to serve comprehensive medical care in a conducive lifestyle center, which has further proven the compatibility of eastern and western approaches to medicine, dedicated by a team of committed and competent practitioners. There is a large growing capacity in this company, we are creating a one-stop clinic for our clients to get treatments that are suitable for them including Physiotherapy, stretching, TCM herbal remedies, acupuncture, etc.

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Company Summary
Penang, Malaysia
Number of Employees
26-50 employees
Company Industry
Healthcare / Medical