The 10 Best Remote Jobs in Malaysia

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Are you working in office right now? Are you planning to work remotely in the future? The world of remote work is opening up at rapid rates, making it easier than ever before to literally work from anywhere. According to Malaysia government data, over 50% of Malaysian work from home for the past one year and the numbers are rapidly increasing still. By 2025, the number of people working remotely on a part-time basis is expected to remain at 50% of the workforce. Additionally, according to a recent survey, 92% of remote workers want to continue to do so.

In honor of what may be your 2022 New Year’s resolution, we have compiled a list based on the 10 best types of remote work jobs:

1. Programming Jobs

From video game design, coding, computer programming, to front end and back end software developers, with an internet connection and some noise-cancelling headphones, anything is possible. There are frequently listings for programming jobs for both big and small companies on websites which we recommend.

2. Copywriting, Blogging, Editing & Freelance Writing Jobs 

There are few experiences like soaking up the creativity and the stimulation of new surroundings and pouring all that fresh energy into an empty word document. From personal blogs, copywriting for larger corporations, or editing the work of others through platforms like Upwork

3. Graphic Designer Jobs

Your computer, your imagination, will travel. Not only will you find inspiration in the colors and textures of new environments but you may find your next big client too. Even websites like Indeed and Airtasker, and the design specific website, Dribbble, advertise remote graphic design positions. 

4. UI/UX Designer Jobs

Love designing user experiences, customer journeys, and getting people to interact with products in new ways? What if you could do this from home? Websites like TopTal, and websites like Designer News may be the perfect place to look for explore opportunities.

5. Product Manager Jobs

Corporations in all sorts of industries hire product managers that can work from a home office or from another continent entirely. From full-time and part-time to contract work, there are many paths to take, including the start-up world. Check out AngelList for what’s out there in the start-up realm. Check out their list.

6. Consultant Jobs

Many freelance consultants from industries like health and wellness to financial investing. What’s your expertise? What can you offer others on a consultant basis?  If you prefer not being your own boss, companies all around the world frequently hire consultants through Upwork or Workew that either travel for work or work while they travel (or both).

7. Accountant & Bookkeeper Jobs

Don’t they say that math is the same in every language? Whether you are managing the books of your own brick and mortar business or working as a remote accountant for somebody else, why not lighten up tax season from the beach huts of Bali or the picturesque cafes of Buenos Aires? Check out SkillCrush’s top sites for remote job listings.

8. Customer Support Jobs

How many customer support specialists have you called or chatted with from the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town? Exactly. Who knows! Many of the job boards and websites listed above are full of customer support opportunities. Answer the call!

9. Tutoring Jobs

SAT tutors, GMAT tutors, homework tutors, we’ve seen it all. Why not start your own tutoring business or try working for one of the many online tutoring providers out there. Check out this list of providers on There is always someone that could benefit from your skills, you just gotta find them.

10. Translator Jobs

From bilingual to multilingual, we have had a host of translators live Unsettled. If you can take your talents anywhere, why not give it a go? You may just pick up a new language while you’re at it… 

Create Your Own! Be an Entrepreneur…

I guess you could say that all remote workers are inherently entrepreneurial as they are often creating something from nothing, managing their own schedules, and frequently creating. In fact, many individuals have become entrepreneurs and began to develop their brand new businesses. Are you next?

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