Looking for other means of taking a break from work? How about watching a couple of interesting content on Youtube? While you can find plenty of weird footage, bad editing clips, fail jokes and random stuff on Youtube, but once you found a good channel with great content you would certainly follow it.  Here are 8 of some of the most interesting Youtube channels that you should check out!



If you enjoy mysteries and history videos, Lemmino offers some of the best quality video content in the format of the Top 10 as well as short documentaries. His commentary is frequently very calm and relaxing due to his soothing voice and demeanour which provides a different narration style and speech pattern from his strong Sweedish accent.


Sam O’Nella Academy

Well known for his educational content that uses light to heavy swearing. One of the most distinctive aspects of his videos is that they are drawn compared to being filmed in real life that consists of stick figures and crudely drawn props.



Have you ever asked yourself whether Aliens exist? Exurb1a may have the best philosophical, scientific and otherwise important life questions that you could think of. Most of his videos are mainly humorous while generally featuring topics about physics, artificial intelligence and many more.


Tom Scott

Tom mainly produces short very informative videos on his channel which include Things You Might Not Know, Amazing Places, The Basics and Built for Science. Scott also launched a collaborative channel together with his partners known for its series The Park Bench where they discuss stories related to their jobs, travels and experiences from their past.


Food Wishes

One of the best cooking channels you can find on Youtube, Chef John produces video content focused on fun-to-make and easy-to-follow recipes for his viewers in hopes of improving culinary skills.


Bill wurtz

Well known for the method that he produces his video content, with surrealists and retro visual effects. Combined with satirical music and dry humour makes his videos well acclaimed by his channel viewers.


Bon Appétit 

A highly opinionated food brand channel that wants all viewers to love cooking and eating as much as them. Some of the best series include Gourmet Makes, Test Kitchen and It’s Alive.


Dead Meat

A horror movie channel that explores everything great and bad about the genre. Famous for its Kill Count series that tally up the body count in every horror moviegoer as well as the Dead Meat Podcast which focuses on an in-depth look at a variety of horror topics.


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