Failed Cooking Attempts by Malaysians Throughout MCO

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Most of Malaysians are staying indoors in adhering to the Movement Control Order by the Government to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. To make the most of the time throughout the MCO period, many of them take the opportunity to pick up a new hobby or skill at home.

Recently, Malaysians took their attempt at cooking the daily delicacies or try the viral recipe such as Dalgona coffee to hone their skills. However, it turned out to be #EpicFail and funny at the same time!

With over 1 million members, ‘Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni’ (What Did You Fail to Cook Today) Facebook support group has become a trend in Malaysia not just to share their cooking mishaps, but as a platform to have a good laugh or a mood booster after a difficult day in the office! We compiled some of the funniest failed cooking attempts that made us laugh!


Dalgona Milo


Mickey Mouse donut turns into an evil-looking devil donut


When your Rainbow Cake turns into a single dark colour after baking…


Mutant donut


Roti Canai: Ghostbusters edition




A smiling curry puff


Roti Canai turns into Roti Singlet in the first attempt


Pandan cake goes wrong


Daging masak sarsi


New packaging of ice-cream


Donald Trump-like bread


Mutant cupcake


A smiling fried fish


There are more funny cooking disasters on the page you can check out yourself and share your experiences to have fun with fellow Malaysians amid the COVID-19 outbreak! Don’t forget to head over to and unveil your next job opportunity!

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