How AI Can Help Match The Right Jobs with The Right Candidates

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We understand the struggles of employers spending hours reviewing every job application. At the end of the day, you may not even find a single qualified applicant to reach out to. At Jobstore, we believe that job candidates should be chosen based on the understanding of their skills and abilities, and we know that every recruiter and employer share this mindset as well. Introducing Jobstore’s AI-Powered Recommendation System to help discover the best candidates for the job.


How can Jobstore’s AI Matching help recruiters and employers to discover the right candidates efficiently?

Searching for the ideal employees quickly and simply is what every recruiter and employer wishes for their organisation. Companies are constantly struggling to find the right candidates and mostly end up receiving non-suitable candidates. Even if you have hundreds of applications on your hands, it is meaningless unless none of them can ideally fit for the job. With Jobstore’s AI matching, we can automatically recommend you the most suitable applicants for your job posts. 



How does Jobstore’s AI Matching identify the suitability of a candidate?

Our team has developed an AI-Powered Recommendation System to connect suitable talents to your job posts; automatically providing you with recommendations of the most ideal candidates. The system is designed to make your recruitment process even more efficient while maintaining a certain level of objectivity. The AI matching system uses the candidate’s resume and your job description as part of the algorithm. Therefore, you can sift through a huge number of applications easily with the assistance from our system and the recommendations provided. Moreover, recommendations are made when the job seeker’s details closely match the requirements of your job post. All applications, as well as recommendations, are stored in a single place for your convenience. You can utilise our recruitment tool as a standalone recruitment system. If you would like to find out more, reach out to us, and we will help you!

How will AI Matching benefit your recruitment process?

Searching for, connecting with and retaining employees is a highly complex process. It’s not easy to identify which applicant is really worth your time and can actually be a good investment for the company.  Here are 4 benefits of AI Matching to help you get a broader idea on what advantages AI can provide in terms of improving your recruitment strategy.  


1. Improving objectivity and accuracy

Jobstore’s AI Matching helps eliminate any form of bias and establish consistency  in your applicant evaluations. Once the AI identifies the most relevant candidates that matches the job description, all you have to process are only qualified candidates, effectively reducing your time to hire at the same time.


2. Quicker access to quality applicants

Besides reducing the amount of time required to review resumes, Jobstore’s  AI Matching allows you to assess assessment scores for each candidate. Through the assessment scores, you can identify which applicant is the best fit and allow you to contact them as soon as possible.


3. Keyword Searches are automatically analysed by the AI Matching system

Recruiters no longer have to be concerned about the possibility  of accidentally overlooking candidates. Jobstore’s AI Matching will help you highlight recommended candidates that may not have visually impressive resumes that could be the ideal match.


4. Cost Effective Hiring

Hiring new employees is a costly process as you are required to post jobs on various platforms, screen applicants, set up interviews, and most importantly, arrange resources to train the new employees. All these are critical factors to ensure you are preparing them for their position and tasks. Therefore, it is important that you are sure that you are investing in the right employee. Through the AI Matching system, you can establish a highly effective hiring funnel which will definitely have a positive impact in the long-term. 

Hiring additional recruiters will not be necessary if you can place the right individual in your open position through the use of AI. By hiring better employees, you can potentially reduce the turnover and save cost on additional training.


Thank you for reading! So what do you think about the integration of AI into the recruitment process? Would you like to learn more about our features? Please visit our’s Employer page.


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