The Importance of Using Social Media Job Posting

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The significance of adopting social media into your recruitment strategy has become the mainstay of job advertising. Finding the right talents for your business is not a simple task. Usually, there is a large incongruence between what companies are searching for and what the labour market has to offer. With the advent of social media, it has become an essential tool when it comes to finding skilled professionals in the field and building a connection. The following are the importance of using social media as part of your recruitment strategy.


1. Improves job visibility

Every potential job candidate for any position has access to social media. Facebook has a user base of over 2.41 billion, whereas Twitter averaged 330 million monthly active users. Most millennials and Generation X are active users of LinkedIn as a job search platform. Having your job postings featured on social media will allow more users to find your content more easily, your post can get more shares and your search ranking can even improve due to increase exposure on social media.


2. Higher quality candidates

Candidates that have access to social media are generally more tech-savvy and knowledgeable about the current business trends, which are critical in ensuring their skills remain relevant. Social media also helps you to search and reach out to passive candidates who have the relevant skills but are not actively looking to change their current jobs.


3. Enhancing employer brand awareness

Using social media for recruiting is not only about finding you the right candidates but also helps with increasing the visibility of your brand. By promoting new job openings on social media, you are strengthening your brand presence while increasing the level of trust among potential candidates. 


4. Reduces the cost of hiring

Utilising social media as a tool to find candidates is way less expensive compared to traditional means such as job fairs or newspaper advertisements. That being said, social media recruitment will still require a sizeable investment, but the value you get through the hires you discovered through the social media job posting makes this approach cheaper and cost-effective. Our social media job posting is bundled together with your purchased job posting packages, and we help boosts your visibility by sharing your job ads through our social media channels.


5. Increases brand engagement

With social media job posting to promote your company brand; We utilise hashtags to the targeted audience, announce and share latest job vacancies on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google Business for maximum outreach. As interested individuals seek out more information regarding the job posting, your webpage and social media sites will get more engagement. Interested parties will post on the job post comment sections, some will share it with their friends and followers, while there are those will send a direct enquiry.


Looking to get your job advertisements in front of the right candidates? Reach out to us and we will help expand the visibility and reach of your latest job openings on our social media channels.

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