Why Should You Use Push Notifications to Attract Jobseekers

Why Should You Use Push Notifications to Attract Jobseekers

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Push notifications are primarily used for re-engagement, retention and promotions. This makes them one of the most widely used marketing automation platforms for media outlets, bloggers and e-commerce industries. These are not limited only to these areas and have been shown to produce positive results when it comes to job hiring. With a growing number of job openings, attracting job seekers to your career site can be a very challenging task. Here are 6 reasons why push notifications will help you attract the right talent and hire for your company.


1. Provides Opt-in Choice: Through push notifications, you can increase the exposure of your business to job-seekers by adding them with a single click. Provide users with the option of accepting or denying permission to send notifications to them, while ensuring that an opt-in message conveys what kind of messages they will receive. If users click on a message without understanding its purpose, most subscribers will opt out without increasing the value of the entire push notification.


2. Get Instant Subscribers: Not everyone is open to sharing their personal information on subscription forms, and for this reason, you can miss out on opportunities for outreach. With push notifications, you won’t have to rely on obtaining lead information as you can add subscribers with single-click permission and engage them without the need for any personal information.


3. Increasing Click Through Rate(CTR): Compelling messages can attract jobseeker’s attention and engage them straight away. They help increase return visitors through targeted notifications and personalised messages. You can entice them by sending interesting messages, nudge them to click on the notification, bring them to your desired landing page, and have them execute the desired action. Push notification gets sent right on the users’ browser, increasing the CTR higher than any other marketing channels.


4. Obtaining Leads: Most businesses suffer from low lead count because job seekers are generally reluctant to provide personal data. Instead of investing your time trying to attract job seekers with lead capture forms, you can add them directly to your list, with one-click opt-in permission. Push notification does not require any email address, contact details or any other data to get them added to your list. Put aside the process of filling lead forms with too many details and make it easier for your visitors with push notifications.


5. Increasing Return Traffic: You have succeeded in getting job seekers to your website for the first time, but what can you do to retain them? The best way is to send push notifications directly to their browser to lead them to your desired landing page. You don’t even have to wait for them to visit your website and navigate to your desired page. Send proactive clickable messages directing them back to your website from anywhere on their browser. This can help increase engagement with your website and get them hooked with the latest job openings.


6. Enhancing Outreach: Push notifications performs better than SMS and email. While people can miss out on SMS and emails potentially ending up in the spam folder. This is not the case for push notifications since they are sent directly to their desktops or mobile browsers.


Based on the reasons outlined above, you can clearly see how push notification can be highly beneficial for reaching out to potential leads for hirings. It’s certainly better to utilise push notifications instead of relying on text message to reach out to potential leads. Are you keen on leveraging the benefits of push notifications? Reach out to our support team and we will assist you to establish a push notification for your job hirings.

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