When it comes to bubble tea in Malaysia, there is no shortage of choice to choose from. You can walk the streets or shopping malls and take your pick from various bubble tea brands. And while food delivery services have made it easy to get your favourite drink delivered to your doorstep, there are still plenty of bubble tea brands that haven’t made it to Malaysia yet.


1. Chachago

Chachago is a well-known milk tea brand in Taiwan and Vietnam well known for its brown sugar with milk and pearl. Located in the fashion district of Ximending, it’s the only outlet that can be found in Taipei. The store also boasts a wide range of toppings for their drinks such as Taiwanese azuki beans, caramel pudding and taro. They also offer salted whip teas, fruit teas and ice-cream floats as well!


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2. Wang Tea Egg

This one of a kind milk tea is definitely a perfect drink for enthusiastic boba tea lovers. Most regulars would think that the odd combination of tea and egg may not suit well. For the locals in Taiwan, this particular milk tea has become a favourite! The tea egg is a well-known traditional Chinese snack which can also be found in any Malaysia shopping malls. While you may not be able to find this particular drink sold in Malaysia, perhaps you could make your very own by buying a hard-boiled egg dip in tea and serve with a simple milk tea?


3. Chen San Ding

Recognised by many to be the best brown sugar bubble milk tea in Taipei, which makes this drink stand out against others is its brown sugar tapioca pearls. They are absolutely a delight to chew on because of its softness coupled with the right amount of sweetness to complement the Taiwanese milk(which is not too sweet in the first place). Other drinks that they serve are Green Bean with pearls, Lemon with pearls, brown sugar grass jelly and Ai Yu grass jelly. This unique brown sugar bubble milk tea can only be found at Gongua Night Market, Taipei.



Lattea has been the favourite for many milk tea fans especially for those who enjoy green tea. The famous green tea covered with salt cream with a unique flavour provides a surprising treat. This particular brand is founded in Vietnam and it was an instant hit for the locals and it even landed at the Taipei City as well. This is a definite must-try for any green tea enthusiasts!


5.Le Phare

Known as the milk tea brand that provides the freshest fruit as an ingredient in their drinks. Not only do they sell milk tea but also fruit juices and fresh tea to bring more variety of drinks in their outlets. For those who are looking for a healthier alternative to milk tea, Le Phare is there to serve you the best fresh and organic drinks to quench your thirst for milk teas! Besides operating at Taipei, they are also available in Vietnam serving similar drinks with their own local fruits instead.


6. TP Tea

One of the long-standing brands of milk tea in Taipei with over 200 stores in the region. TP Tea even made his way to Singapore and pride themselves as the 1st Halal-certified Taiwanese bubble tea in the country. Some of the must-try delights are their lemon premium green tea, pearl black tea latte with red bean and tie guan yin tea latte. Its pearl milk tea soft-serve ice-cream is a fan favourite and very popular as well. Their most unique additions are the special toast called Taro Toast and Milk Tea Toast. A definite must-try for anyone who has never tasted a toasted milk tea bread serve with pearls.


7. Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Known for its signature fruit tea which is a mix of apple, orange, pineapple jam and passion fruit juice giving you a mix of sour and sweet taste. Some of their popular choices include the brown sugar pearl with milk, taro with milk, pineapple green tea and sugar cane mountain tea. Fortunately for us, the first outlet is opening real soon in Malaysia!


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8. Chingshin

Unlike any famous milk tea brands, Chingshin is known for marketing its cups by featuring famous cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty, One Piece and even Gudetama the egg yolk. To attract their customers, the designs of the cup are changed seasonally to fit in different characters. As one of the oldest milk tea brands in Taiwan, they retain the traditional taste of bitterness in their drinks. For those who enjoy traditional tea taste, the Honey Oolong tea is a must-try and it has a great scent as well!


Image Source: https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/restaurants/chun-shui-tang-roppongi

9. Chun Shui Tang

Claim to be the first ones to introduce Taiwanese style pearl milk tea, the use of high-quality tea is certainly noticeable in terms of slight-bitter taste and the lingering fragrance. One of their popular drinks the Iced Mango Pearl Coconut Milk Tea is highly recommended thanks to its unique cream and sweet flavour. You can find foods such as hotpots, meal sets, traditional noodles and side dishes served in this tea house as well besides being known for its famous bubble milk tea.


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10.Kenting Dan Dan Milk Tea

Besides being widely recognised for its unique and distinctive store name, they are unique for adding toppings and “flavoured” tapioca balls rather than the tea itself. The store is highly popular in the Southern part of Taiwan. If you are the type of person that enjoys toppings instead of the tea, this is a must-visit store where you can choose to try out their herbal jelly, mung bean or red beans.


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