The Best Personal Budgeting and Finance Tools

Managing your personal budget and finance may sound simple. Unless you are facing difficulty in budgeting, savings or investing. Utilising tools to help you with making better decisions and improving your financial success may prove to be fruitful. Here are the top tools for personal finance to make sense of your money, stay organised and accomplishing your financial goals.

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Introduced since 1992, Quicken still retains as the one the best personal finance software. They possess a set of products that connect to various types of accounts such as banks, credit cards, lenders and investments to accumulate your transactions. Besides being a little dated, it set the standards for all budgeting app should have in their features. You are required to purchase and install the software on your PC or Mac. The starter version is sufficient enough which includes automatic expense categorisation, limited budget racking a bill dashboard.

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You Need A Budget(YNAB)

While providing some of the standard features of any budgeting app. It guides users on several solid budgeting practices as well. It allows you to import your financial transactions and assist in setting up a budget based on your personal goals. Above all, you can even generate charts and graphs to keep track of your financial progress. Designed to be user-friendly, the features are designed without an overload of complex settings.

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Excel or Google Sheets

If you are proficient in using spreadsheets, Excel or Google Sheets will do wonder for you in managing your finance. While Excel will require you to fork out money to purchase their software, Google Sheets is a free cloud-based service. The only real disadvantage is that it’s not optimised for mobile users. As a valuable tool for maintaining and managing your budget. The functionalities allow you to manipulate and display data.

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As an easy-to-use program, it offers amazing budgeting features and exceptional reporting options. The app feature allows users to establish a budget and set up alarms before bills come due. Moreover, it allows you to create charts and graphs to assist with tracking your expenditure. Compared to other services out there, Moneydance possess more reporting options. The only setback is that it does not have budgeting goals or retirement-planning options.

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Personal Capital

A free and user-friendly app that offers a wide array of features that solidifies as one of the best choices as a budgeting tool. You can aggregate all your financial accounts to monitor your cash flow, investments and setting up your retirement plan. This app will be a huge help for users who are not proficient in allocating their investments appropriately as it keeps track of your net worth.

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Compared to any other budgeting apps out there, Acorns aggregates all your purchases that are linked to your credit or debit cards. Then round up the change into a computer-managed investment portfolio. This app is best suited for college students and people who are struggling to save up their money.

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A perfect app for a couple who are currently sharing their expenses and budgeting process together. Utilising an envelope budgeting strategy as their model for budgeting bills and spending. Users can share and sync budgets with their budgeting partners through mobile apps on iPhone and Android with ease.


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