Social Media Job Postings with Jobstore

Social Media Job Postings with Jobstore

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Social media is an excellent tool for effective recruitment. Share or advertise your job openings with our extended audience to increase its exposure to larger audience and potential candidates. Do not limit your candidate reach with a single platform. For many job seekers, social media is a part of their daily routine. helps post your job ads to the most popular social media platforms to connect with job seekers. 

Let Us Do The Job At No Cost.

Jobstore boosts your visibility by sharing your job ads via our social media channels such as, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to quickly inform our followers about your job openings. Our social media job posting is bundled with your purchased job posting packages. Social media is built for sharing contents, hence our followers will be able to share your job openings with their job seeker friends easily and swiftly. This will help you expand your candidate reach with minimum effort. 

Passive candidates will also be likely to apply to your job openings with our social media posting. Passive candidates are individuals who are not actively looking for a new job but is open to new opportunities. Since passive candidates are less likely to visit a job site when they aren’t seeking new job opportunities, social media plays a great role to increase the visibility of your job openings to attract candidates of this group. Your hiring team will also be able to share our custom job posts on their own social profiles to attract candidates who lacks interest towards traditional recruiting channels. 

Here are some samples of your job ad and its average organic reach on our social media platforms: 

Enter the digital sea of possibilities. Reach out to us the next time your company is hiring! Expand the visibility and reach of your open jobs with our social media job postings. 

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