Keeping Up With Jobstore

Keeping Up With Jobstore

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Founded in 2015, our job distribution platform enables employer’s job postings to reach out to 20,000,000 potential job seekers by distributing the postings to 20+ job sites. We have streamlined the hiring process radically, making it much more organized and efficient. Trusted by 8 million users, we strive to gain new insights and understanding of the job market so that we will help only employers to fill in their vacancies, but also assist jobseekers to land the jobs that match their true potential.

                  Through Jobstore, your job ads will be posted to a wide network of job boards listed above with a broader reach
How Jobstore Works

Regardless if you need to fill in a single position or a hundred, Jobstore helps you connect with talents through desktop and mobile so you can achieve more quality hires fast and efficient.


Keeping Up With Jobstore

30 Applicants Guaranteed

Job ads will be re-posted for another 45 days with no extra charge for postings with less than 30 applicants. We strive to help employers reaching out to the right candidate for the right job.

No Validity Period

Your purchased/unused job posting credits do not expire. Now you can choose to utilise your credits with zero time constraint. We provide the flexibility by giving employers control and freedom over when and where they decide to utilise their credits.

45 Days Online Posting

All jobs will be posted on and our partner job sites for 45 days compared to the standard 30 days posting period in order to receive more applicants for selection. Moreover, it provides applicants with a time frame to prioritise the actions they need to undertake in their job search.

Instant Candidate Recommendations

Active job applicants are automatically matched to your postings by our A.I. system. It makes it easy for you to organize your candidates and get the best to your list.

Applications Filtering

Our application filtering system enhances your hiring process by narrowing down your applicant pool based on key skills and titles. All applications are automatically filtered into qualified, foreigner and unqualified categories. The purpose of applications filtering will help employers to be more productive and utilising their time more efficiently during the entire recruitment process. The filters will assist you in picking out the right candidates before you click and view the resume.

Manage Hiring Team Easily

Invite your fellow co-workers, recruiters and hiring managers to be part of the hiring process. Our feature allows your hiring team with access to “Job Posting Function, Admin Functions and Resume Search Function.” By establishing a collaborative hiring system will produce a more efficient process for candidate management and making the best hiring decision.

Comparison between the costs of posting jobs individually on each job portal VS posting on Jobstore

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