It is no surprise that visual graphic is the future of the communications industry. However, graphic design seems like a fairly simple concept to many. These days anyone who wants to have an impressive additional skill prefers to learn a little bit of Ai or Photoshop regardless of their industry. But here are the some of the things you may not have realised:


1. Graphic Design Shouldn’t Take Long.

Although it is understandable why anyone would think that design is easy, especially when you see a lot of copy driven ads on billboards. Designers hate it when you say “it’s just a small change, it wouldn’t take too long”.  Do be aware of the fact that graphic design is a very complex job that requires a lot of one’s time, dedication and patience, as each graphic is done with great detail and skills. So have some patience if you seek quality design. 


2. Graphic Designers should Work for Free.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most popular belief among employers and clients. People assume that the graphic designer shouldn’t get paid too much due to the simplicity of the project or design. Just like any other professionals, graphic designers have to pay their bills, for food, and other essential needs too. So it is surprising that many think that graphic design is not worth paying for.


3. Anyone can Design.

Sure, one can become a gifted graphic designer if you have the passion and dedication for the job. But you will be making a silly mistake if you think anyone can be a graphic designer.  Understand that graphic designing require more than just an interest and desire. It requires creativity and a personal unique style and if you are struggling to find your own touch, then this job may not be the right choice. 


4. Everyone knows about graphic design more than the graphic designer. 

It can be frustrating to accept everyone’s opinion and suggestions when all you want to do is create a quality design. Keep in mind that knowing the difference between image graphic and vector graphic does not make you more skilled or experienced than the graphic designer. Be open to accepting the graphic designer’s professional input on what is best for the design instead of telling them to do it your way.


5. Graphic Design is Easy Peasy.

Let us all now come to an understanding that graphic design is anything but easy. To be a professional graphic design, you will need tons of talent, hard work, creativity, and the ability to work under stress. You have to be a good team player, a multitasker, open to accept everyone’s opinion and produce a quality design fast. Does this sound easy peasy? Then the graphic design life may be the right fit for you. 


6. Graphic Designers are Mind-Readers.

Graphic designers are not mind-readers. They are normal people just like you and me. If you want some changes in the design, just tell them. If you don’t like the concept and idea, just tell them. Great communication can save you a lot of time and a good relationship with your graphic designer friends. 


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About the Author:

Nivetha Rashni a.k.a Niv, is a Digital Marketer who writes to help readers be informed about latest tips and tricks to achieve their goals. Niv has worked in the Human Resources and Human Capital industries in most of her professional career. Niv also has a passion for art and enjoys painting during her free time. 

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