Having your own employees to promote your organisation can be a game changer in bringing your branding awareness even further besides utilising sponsored ads and third-party endorsements. At Jobstore, we have started to advocate every employee to generate publicity and building engagements to our social media contents. Since 2013, there are over 90% brands in the world pursuing employee advocacy programs. As consumers become more significant in driving social credibility. Their influence can affect other consumer’s perceptions and even support brands that are facing crisis management. 

Every advocacy campaign that was conducted can benefit from some form of social media. The idea is that social media appeals are generally more appealing towards the younger audience, but its potential can reach out across a wide array of demographics. Instead of taking advantage of gaining exposure and marketing potential, at Jobstore we emphasize on gaining feedback from employees and engage with them in a mutually beneficial relationship.


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Gone are the days where focusing on organic reach is the pillar of social media, as the years go by the performance have decreased to 52%. Brand pages with more than 500,000 likes only have the organic reach of only 2%. This is where the program comes into play by boosting the company visibility on social media and establishing a connection with new audiences.

Every form of engagement whether it’s liking our post, comment or discuss and even sharing job ads will grow our social media reach. Whether it is making a repost on their accounts, utilising our hashtags such as #jobstore or #jobstoreans will help build a tight-knit relationship between the employee and the company.


By empowering every member in Jobstore through our workshop and a display of case studies, it will arm every employee in Jobstore with the right mindset and understanding to support our social media contents. Most of all it paves the way to drive brand awareness, generate leads, attract new talents and fostering a deeper relationship with our prospects and clients as well as bringing Jobstore into the light of Malaysia recruitment industry.