One of the positive feedback from‘s users is they like our clean and intuitive solution. It is always our priority to design something simple and beautiful for our users. And we keep improving. If it does not look good, we go back to improve and even redesign it again from scratch. Our company and product goal is to continue to make things easier for both employers and job seekers in hiring the best candidates and finding the best careers respectively. Do more with less.

In this post, I would like to highlight what are some of the product features that significantly benefit you as an employer.



Post a job easily.

New employers do not need any training at all to use our systems. From signing up and starting your first job post, you can do it on the same day or even within minutes. You can always contact our sales person when you need more support. In fact, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager from the start. What’s better to know you have someone always looking out for you from day one.

To start posting a job, you do not even need to write your job descriptions. Choose from our 300+ job description templates, available to you for free. The job posting is as easy as it can be with all the guides and other templates available.

We continue to make job postings more useful for employers to attract job seekers. When our surveys and data analytics showed that job seekers like to know the benefits of working in a company, we included the list of workplace benefits and perks in the job post. Check off the list or type your own. This employee benefits list also shed some light on what matters to today’s job seekers.  Employers can work towards providing these benefits to their employees.


Post job with job description templates and benefits



Get candidates instantly.

When posting a job, we also ask you about the requirements and preferences for the position. For examples, the needed skills and languages. You can choose from our built-in list for this purpose.

Why do we need this information from you?

Setting language preference for jobs - English, Mandarin

When you post the job, we find the candidates in our database and recommend up to top 20 candidates to you in a matter of seconds after you post your job. We match these candidates using our AI-powered (Artificial Intelligence-powered) recommendation engine. You can even see the scores for each candidate, how accurate is the match with the job based on these preferences. With the scores, you can screen through the candidates quickly and effortlessly.

View recommended candidates for job



Track the progress of your active jobs with a simple dashboard.

We design’s active jobs dashboard with simplicity in mind. You can easily see how many new applicants, recommended, shortlisted candidates and total applications for all your jobs. Go ahead and click any of the numbers to see the list of the candidates. You can quickly update, copy to new post, view your ads and even terminate your post.

Equipped with this intuitive dashboard, you can focus to review all your new applications, and move them to shortlisted, KIV (someone you want to consider later) or rejected. We did not show the rejected list here – you can see this list when you click on the total applications.

For the shortlisted candidates, you can invite them for interviews. We do recommend you to use this shortlisting and interview features. It is a way for us to know what kinds of candidates you find suitable. When you start shortlisting candidates and update to hiring, this will improve our AI-powered recommendation engine to be able to recommend more suitable candidates for you in the future.

Employer Dashboard for Active Jobs

We hope to continue to help you achieve more and hire well with For more information, please visit our’s Employer page.


This article is contributed by Susan Lim, Head of Product for