Think Out of the Box For Employee Engagement & Creativity In Jobstore

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Regardless of any profession we are in, at times we find ourselves being challenged by our peers to think outside the box. In Jobstore we guide and inspire every Jobstoreans in the company to become their best in what they specialised in. Together with Amelia Quek, our corporate development manager hosted a workshop for sales support team and had garnered positive reviews from all the participants.

At its heart, the workshop is designed to create a culture in which everyone is encouraged to develop their ideas and to share it with their team. One of the life-changing factors to promote creativity is that one must be open transforming their space. For example, embracing new routines instead of following your usual daily habits may help aspire you to grow your creativity.

The brainstorming session is an essential aspect of the work process. It allows every participant to share their perspectives and enhances the ability to think outside the box. There are no limits to ideas regardless how crazy it is. “The brainstorming stage isn’t about what is or isn’t feasible. Avoid limiting yourself when you’re brainstorming” said by Amelia.

When it comes to conceptualising an idea, the forms it takes are limitless. Is the execution the right way? What will the outcome be if the approach is not according to plan? “Looking at something in a new way allows you to look at new possible solutions that you might not otherwise have considered” said by Amelia.

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Our mind tend to drift from time to time, and it does impair our focus especially when we have a task at hand. That said daydream has its own perks; it can help us to make connections and form patterns and recall information.

Overall the creative thinking session has given an enlightening mark to every sales support member in the Jobstore team and encourage them to be at their best when it comes to ideation and execution in their field of expertise.

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