Apply over 300+ Job Descriptions to Produce Your Own Custom Template

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Spending time on listing down your company’s job description can be exhausting and time-consuming. Still, it is an essential part of getting your business continually moving and growing.

That is why we have created over two hundred unique templates, which covers every position that you need in your company.

This feature will appear on the new job posting, and you can key in a specific role for you to choose from. By having a ready-to-go template, we hope to make the new job posting process more seamless by allowing to you to fill in all the relevant jobs that you want to employ in your company.


The job description displayed on the text box focuses on two sections:

  • Job responsibilities: A list of duties and actions the employee will perform at work.
  1. Requirements: May include areas of knowledge, professional certification, educational credentials, personal qualities, work experience, specific skills and types.

You can even customise the job description to cater towards specific qualifications or specialised roles. The job descriptions can be updated at any given time to ensure you are getting the most out of our templates.

To streamline the process, we have implemented a new option to allow you to input work experience and education level. This is to serve as a feature purpose only for recommended candidates in our system, and it will not affect your job advertisement. For the selection box for “We encourage fresh graduates to apply” can be set as default if the job position is applicable.

Start applying our templates to your job postings to save up your time from creating a new one from scratch while saving your up a whole lot of your time.

Time to make a change by applying our templates into your job postings in a customizable format that is easy to design with relevant keywords that explain the opportunities.


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