Jobstore trained its staff on how to sell an idea through impactful story telling. Here is how it unfolds.

Jobstore trained its staff on how to sell an idea through impactful story telling. Here’s how it unfolds.

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The Talentcloud team recently conducted a sales training workshop tailored to all the sales account managers at Jobstore. The workshop – Impress Me on March 2, 2017, ended with a delightful experience for everyone.

The workshop was designed to specifically focus on sales challenges faced by sales team in gaining the confidence and trust of their clients. In this engaging and insightful workshop leads participants on how to create an impact and techniques on how to tell a convincing story to their clients.

The 2-hour workshop was garnered with strong acceptance and curiosity. It started with a quick warm-up exercise routine to get everyone to be pump up for the day. The workshop experience was also enhanced by Hafizi and Jay as a lively and charismatic speaker throughout the session. As Hafizi takes on the role in introducing the theme of the workshop, Jay leads on by exploring the 4 pillars of selling an idea through telling a compelling story which is self-realisation, creating impact, awareness, and visibility. “Love your work and yourself, you will gain your enthusiasm,” said by Jay.

Multiple examples were presented as well to show that a great storytelling can be the main driving force in selling an idea to the clients. “Always lead with a personal story about yourself to build a connection with your client. Pitching a story is like cooking a meal, the right amount of ingredients is essential to ensure the taste is well balanced.” feedback by Jay.

Followed by the presentation is a sales pitch challenge where all the participants are break down into six teams. Each team was assigned to a single product where they are required to brainstorm and coming up with the best sales pitch to convince a team judges on getting on board with their idea.

The teams are advised by our fellow judges – Sook Voon, Zikri, Jay, Hafizzi, Annabelle, Jason, and Amelia to ensure everyone is aligned on how to pitch their idea by delivering it in a fun and engaging way.


Q&A was followed in after each pitch to generate interaction between participants and the judges to gather constructive feedback for all the teams that performed. Each team has presented their ideas with creative storytelling but each has their own shortcomings in terms of getting actual facts right and proposing the cost of investment. Overall the workshop concluded with a rewarding lesson for everyone to learn and to improve individual selling skills for the better.

Huge thanks to the Talentcloud team in organising a productive workshop to aspire everyone in Jobstore on how to create a strong relationship with the clients and we are looking forward to more workshops being held on the near future.

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