Jobstore Welcomes New Members to our Sales Team

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At Jobstore we are pleased to announce the appointment of six new members of our sales team. Starting from the left Kar Fai, Thomas Yan, Dawson Gan, Mizie, Mun Jun and Bryan Shaw will be joining us as Account Managers. We at Jobstore offer our heartfelt welcome to our new sales team members and wishing them constant growth and success in their career here.



Kar Fai Ngo

An ex-headhunter since 2015, Kar Fai previously ventured into full spectrum of HR functions before joining Jobstore. A PC gamer geek and a skilled basketball player that enjoys indoor and outdoor activities.

“Having a dynamic and competitive working environment is the perfect time for me to make a comeback to the sales line while earning good money and grow further.”


Thomas Yan

Previously employed as a Service Adviser at Volkswagen Automotive and now Thomas is venturing into the sales line. Loves traveling. Also an avid basketball, volleyball and badminton player. Yet still enjoys relaxing back at home while playing PC games.

I’m keen on being a part of the Jobstore team because I can see a path for me to work and gain knowledge while enjoying a comfortable working environment. To become a successful person earning, lots of money is my main focus if I want to enjoy a comfortable life ahead.”

‘Dawson’ Gan Kian Wah

A seasoned salesperson, Dawson has been in the sales line across various industry as an insurance agent, telemarketer on financial market, direct selling sales representative and a fitness consultant. Enjoys various sports activities and expressive style conversations with his buddies. His own passion also lies in practicing self-meditation.

“Having the opportunity to work in a cozy work environment along with an awesome bunch of people in Jobstore is the perfect motivator for me to perform my best.”


Mizie’ Normizie Bin Roslan

Mizie has a proven track record as a Telemarketing, Tele-Sale, Event&Property and International Sales Exec. Mizie has assisted with Advertising & Promotion as well to expand his work experience.

“I would like to say thank you to Jobstore for accepting me in to be part of the company. For that, I will put my very best in achieving the target given and taking my work experience here as a learning opportunity.”

‘MJ’ Thong Mun Jun

Previously employed at AIA Berhad as the Excel Call Solution with a special interest in basketball. Enjoys reading psychology book and learning new culture.

“I felt comfortable with Jobstore work culture. From the smart casual attire, the amazing work-life balance culture, friendly environment and the positive mental attitude of Jobstoreans.”

Bryan Shaw King Nam

Bryan is an experienced Account Manager previously working at Nu Skin Sdn Bhd. A movie addict and especially enjoy cooking at home during the weekends.

“I love the transparent working environment and the opportunity to work with a hardworking team that strives to earn a good income.”

If you are keen on being part of the Jobstoreans, check our job openings right here!

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