Guide to Writing Compelling Job Ads

Jobstore’s Guide to Writing Compelling Job Ads

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Who still writes a job ad from scratch when there are plenty of templates available online?

This way of thinking will potentially hinder your company’s talent acquisition process. To optimise a job posting that can attract the right talent and convince them to apply for your job, you must first get the job ad right. “Content is King” even in the case of recruitment. Follow this guide to make your job post stand out from millions of others!

Best practices for writing effective job ads

Regardless of the hiring position, you have to ensure the following rules:

  •      Use succinct bullets to capture the candidate’s interest instantly
  •      Avoid confusing words or complex sentences to make your ad easy to understand
  •      Break up long paragraphs with white space to make it more readable
  •      Provide concrete content when describing the job including responsibilities, requirements, and benefits.

You wouldn’t want to post a job that is misleading, so always define a clear goal for every new position before submitting the advertisement.

Google Job Ad


The basics

A short and sweet summary of the position is all that it takes to hook the applicants, starting with the basic info as below:

Job title

Any candidate would start their job search with a job title. That’s why it’s critical to define the title precisely, do go through all the similar titles (learn from other employers) and choose the one that is most relevant to your hiring needs. A catchy title (think Sales Ninja or Marketing Wizard) may do the trick to get candidate click on your ad.

Location and salary

Most people prefer to work near to their home, which makes location one of the main criteria for job seekers to apply for a job. So make sure to specify where the position will be based in. Don’t forget to include commuter information, let your candidates know if the office is accessible by public transport.

The details

About the Company

Provide your company profile so that the candidates know what they’re in for. Besides the must-have information like vision and mission, sharing an overview of the company’s achievements as well as the direction of the business will add more authenticity to your job ad too!


Jobstore’s mission is to innovate the way people hire and get hired. Through a robust career site and advanced application tracking system, we’re breathing new life into the recruitment industry across the Asia Pacific region and provide job seekers with jobs that match their true potential. Join our award-winning team to help companies hire better candidates.

About the role

In essence, a job ad is similar to an actual advertisement. You need a good copy to make your ad sell. Unlike the conventional job descriptions (that you can grab from the Internet), a summary of the role is necessary to create a connection with the potential candidates. This is the part where you really sell the position. Try to speak the ideal candidate’s language and share information that will assist their decision.

Creative Job Ad

For example, hiring a creative role requires your text to be descriptive as well; you can’t talk to a designer using the eloquent business terms. Also, try to give the position a purpose; don’t make it sound like another mundane role that won’t make much of a difference in the organisation. Some of the ‘killer-content’ for your job ad should include:

  • Why is this role important (in the organisation)?
  • What are the key responsibilities of this role?


Account Manager position

The Account Manager at Jobstore is a strategic role that represents Jobstore to promote our hiring and recruiting solutions for employers. This is a great opportunity to manage business relationships through consultative advice on the client’s hiring needs and their recruitment pipeline. This role is responsible for lead generation, building functional partnerships and onboarding new employers to our platform to drive revenue.

Job responsibilities

Now, this is the part where you specify all the responsibilities of the hiring position in bullets.  Keep the points succinct and concise because candidates often skim through the ad for keywords to determine the suitability.


  •      Source for new clients, identify business opportunities and provide consultancy on recruitment via calls and emails
  •      Manage customer relationships and expectations; analyse the client’s requirements and budget to propose relevant solutions
  •      Develop and execute sales strategies to achieve assigned revenue and profit targets.
  •      Establish and maintain good working relationships with corporate clients and personnel within the organisation.


Also formatted in a bullet list, job requirements act as the initial assessment step to make sure you receive quality applications. So the clearer your requirements are, the less spammy resumes you’ll receive.

It’s worth noting that the level of seniority and salary package should be justified with the set requirements.


Account Manager

  •      Minimum 1 year of corporate sales experience
  •      Knowledgeable in the recruitment industry, telesales and service provider
  •      Proven sales track record
  •      Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  •      Prior sales experience with recruitment firms or online job posting portals will be added advantage
  •      Able to speak and write well in English

Additional information

Career path / Personal growth

Here’s a fact, Gen Y job seekers prioritise their career advancement and learning opportunities more than benefits. If you want to attract top talent, you must lay out the career path for every position that you are looking to fill.

As for C-suite and other senior roles that are already at the top of the ladder, focus this on the ‘why’; as in “Why does this job matter?”. You have to be clear about the direction of your organisation and why you do what you do in order to convince others to believe in your vision.

Company culture

Did you know that most candidates apply for companies rather than jobs? While it may not be realistic to compete with the big guys like Google or Facebook in terms of the perks offered, you can still leverage on this part to attract the best talent.

There will be candidates who prefer big corporation with an international team, there will be those who prefer a startup job with a flexible working environment, by sharing the company culture from the beginning, you’ll be able to shortlist only the suitable candidates who would make a cultural fit. Otherwise, you’ll risk damaging the team harmony.  

Don’t hesitate to showcase what you’ve got, from employees’ testimonials, team activities to a virtual office tour (video presentation), anything that depicts your company culture will make an awesome job ad!

Company photos or videos

Show, don’t tell.

Visual makes your content more appealing, especially for job posts. Sharing photos of your workplace or team members can boost the engagement rate significantly. You can highlight the unique traits of the team as well as the company better through visual content.

An ideal job ad should look like this:


Last but not least, don’t forget to mention other requests such as resume format, assessment test, or work portfolio (if any).

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